Saturday, October 1, 2016

An invitation

This is an invitation.

An invitation to something that is maybe new. An invitation to be free, to walk lightly and to live openly in this broken, messy world. An invitation to choose brave. In the middle of the hard. In the middle of weakness. 

Can we sit here together for just a moment and try to imagine what it might look like to live a life that is not ruled by insecurity?  What if you and I learned to stand stronger in our faith and choose love over fear? Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Can you see it? What does it look like? 

It's okay if you can't even imagine it. I'm right here with you. If I'm honest, on a clear day, I can only vaguely make out the shape of it in the distance. It can be hard to see. 


It's not just David facing Goliath, or Moses at the Red Sea, it's not only Peter or Paul leading the way for the early church. It's not only Esther before the king, saving her nation from certain death. They were all amazing men and women and obviously brave characters in the unfolding story of God's redemption of His people. But during the next 31 days we're going to look at some of the more unexpected characters of the Bible who showed bravery in smaller, quieter ways. In Hannah, getting up out of her grief and surrendering her desires to God. It's Ruth in the fields choosing love in the mundane day after day after weary day. 

Brave - it's bold and beautiful, it's breathtaking, but it's not necessarily big, or up front or in a spotlight (though maybe it is,  it's just not about being the only one up there). Lately I have been learning that the best kind of brave is vulnerability, it's embracing the reality of needing others and being honest about my weakness. It's about surrendering every last one of my expectations and trusting God, no matter what I'm seeing or how I'm feeling. (By the way, I have learned this is  so much easier said than done.) 

Writing this series has felt nothing like what I thought it was supposed to feel like. It hasn't been written at a pretty desk in the rays of a rising golden sun, with a nice little stack of commentaries at my side, washed over by peace and joy. 

No way. 

These post feel like scribbled notes from the bomb shelter. These posts have been tapped out on my cell phone as I empty the clothes dryer and as I make dinner or wash dishes, while sitting in the parking lot of the Library or wrapped in a towel sitting on the edge of the tub. I'm a mess. Honestly, my life feels like two steps away from total, epic disaster, but maybe you can relate to that. 

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