Saturday, September 10, 2016

Pendalton King Park

We went to Pendelton King Park on the 7th to meet up with some friends and it was such a fun adventure!! There is a tank. Need I say more? The boys scrambled up onto it in a blink. 

Happy 1st Birthday Grayson!!< br />

It was such a fun day with the boys that I dragged the family there the following weekend.

When I find a pretty brick wall I take pictures. period.
when you have six kids the chances of all of them cooperating for a family picture are slim to none.

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  1. Next time you all are down this way/we're up there, I'd love to try my hand at a family photo for you! I've done up to five kids so far, maybe I could do six. Playing the role of photographer and mom at the same time is hard. I've yet to accomplish that well with just my three!
    What a fun place for the kids and a cool location for photography. Love you!


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