Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Emily is headed to the capital!!


My middle daughter Emily is headed to the State Capitol with a few friends from her class to participate in the YMCA Youth Assembly. When she first told me about this opportunity I felt like this was an important opportunity for her. I am pretty sure that all of my kids will make a positive impact on the world, but Emily is the most vocal about it. She is the one who worked with her student council to implement recycling systems in her school, and she is the one who I expect will do more to help people than she can even imagine right now.  I am thrilled for her to have this opportunity, but she can't get there without some help. Here is what she says about it:

I am an 8th grade student and I am looking for opportunities to further contribute to the growth of my education. The Georgia Youth Assembly is a three day seminar in which students my age can meet lawmakers and go to workshops where we would learn how laws affect citizens. To participate, I have to come up with my own bill to be viewed and possibly voted on by the House of Representatives of GA. I set out to draw lawmaker's attention to the problems within the education system we currently have now and, as I grow older, I hope to be able to use this experience to inform my passion for human rights and justice. I need to raise $200, so please donate


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Pendalton King Park

We went to Pendelton King Park on the 7th to meet up with some friends and it was such a fun adventure!! There is a tank. Need I say more? The boys scrambled up onto it in a blink. 

Happy 1st Birthday Grayson!!< br />

It was such a fun day with the boys that I dragged the family there the following weekend.

When I find a pretty brick wall I take pictures. period.
when you have six kids the chances of all of them cooperating for a family picture are slim to none.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Fruit cocktail

It's funny how a thing as simple as a can of fruit cocktail can stir up so many memories as I spoon out a few pieces of fruit onto Grayson's tray.

I grew up eating this stuff at least every week. My kids don't eat it very often at all. I don't really have an answer as to why. I bought a can on sale to go in some jello that I never got around to making. 

My mom used to say that the grapes were gross. I used to think she was crazy but said "yay, more for me" now I agree with her and I have a moment of silent solidarity across the span of years and miles. 

My parents grew up in the age of canned food. I think about this as I pour out what the baby won't eat for his brothers. I think about how my kids are growing up in an age of instant food. Pouches, microwaves, the drive-thru. Good for sometimes but not for always. 

I have been really stressed-out lately. I have noticed how the first thing to go for me is healthy eating habits. I'm over here with my coffee and my Reece's pieces, trying to decide between hot dogs and frozen chicken fingers for dinner. 

I was talking to a friend about this today. We pushed our babies in swings and talked about our eating habits. About how imperfect we are and how far from our ideal. I told her that my newest motto has been "how can I make this 1% better?" She reminded me not to focus on what I'm taking out of my diet but what we are adding into it and I think she is wiser than she gives herself credit for.

Saturday, September 3, 2016


I am supposed to be writing a post for my upcoming series for the #write31days blogging challenge, but I took these pictures for this guest-blog post on my friend Sarah's blog. And I thought that there were so many cute pictures of my boys being cute that I had to share a few some.

Someone looks happy to be allowed to use the camera remote!

Just a little bit of silliness.

I think Grayson is ready to be done.

You can always count on Eli for a little bit of silliness during a photoshoot.

Grayson is really really done with this.

Hmmmm, what does this white powder taste like?

Thumbs up.


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