Thursday, June 2, 2016

What filter am I using?

I had one of those lightbulb moments earlier today as I was posting a picture to Instagram -  I chose a filter and posted it and in that moment I felt the Holy Spirit ask me - what filter am I choosing for my life?! For better or worse Instagram is a big part of my life - maybe not in minutes or dollars but for sure in happiness. I get a lot of enjoyment from sharing my life in pictures and a sense of satisfaction from seeing what others share about their lives.

The other week I was watching the  Hope Writers series, and something that Ruth from Grace Laced  said to Myquillyn aka The Nester during one of the interviews has stuck with me. She said she edits her images similarly and usually uses the same filters for her images to give her feed a sense of continuity. Since then I've found myself using the same filter on almost every image, even images I would usually leave unfiltered because of this little tip that she suggested. 

And I wonder how I do that in my real life? Do I see my life through the filter of someone who is blessed and dearly loved or am I too stressed out by what is in front of my face to notice that my filter had turned dark? Am I filtering my daily life through the truth of God's word or am I allowing the enemy of my soul to rob me of perspective? 

I have been thinking more and more about the importance of living life LOVED. How it will change what I expect of my husband, how I respond to my kids, and how I react to the stress, the frustrations and disappointment of life. I am loved by my good good Father - that is the filter through which I want to be viewing my life.

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