Monday, June 13, 2016

Brave when I'm overwhelmed

am strait-up, flat-out overwhelmed right now. I have got SO much going on these days just trying to keep up with my kiddos. Some days I feel like I'm a human pinball machine and I am just so done right now.

So here I crawl under my covers and I'm asking myself "what does it mean to be brave in this moment? what does it mean to be brave when I'm just so overwhelmed I can't stand it.

For one thing - it means doing exactly what I'm doing now. Go to bed. Like now. When I'm overwhelmed I try to make sure I'm getting enough sleep, which means getting to bed on time. And actually going to sleep, not scrolling through Facebook or Pinterest till 1am. 

It means I have to set some boundaries, saying "no" even to good things because I am a mess if there is too much going on all at the same time. It means leaving and guarding the margin in my days and in my mind and heart and bank account, so that I'm not totally maxed out. 

It might mean that I need to ask for help  I'm truly terrible at asking for help, but sometimes I at least text my friends and ask them to pray for me and this helps more than you'd think. 

But I think the bravest thing we can do when we are feeling overwhelmed is to stay open to others. Open to other people's pain and needs.  Yes, I may be feeling at the end of my rope but that doesn't mean that I should roll myself up into a little ball. 

So that's what I'm thinking about tonight. How about you?

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