Monday, May 2, 2016

What can I say?

Lately I have been studying people in the Bible who showed bravery. One of my favorites so far is Hannah. I love the way that she brought her heartache to God and asked Him boldly for the thing that was tearing her heart up.

This morning I was writing down some verses that speak about coming to God with confidence and I turned to one of my favorites - Romans 8:26-39. 

When I don't know what to ask for - the Holy Spirit is right here, giving words to my longing, and to the desires of my heart I keep stuffed down so deep that they can't bother me anymore. He brings them to God because He knows the path God has laid out for me, with all of the mountain tops and valleys. He knows that every single little bit of it - the good times and the hard times, all of it, is working together to tell a beautiful story - not about me but about Him. So how can I sit here on my hands, silent before my Savior? Jesus gave up His very life for me. My Daddy-God sent his own dearly loved son to take my place, what can possibly compare to that? Everything else that I could possibly ask for is trivial compared to what He has already given for us. So why are you beating yourself up with all of this condemnation? Nothing can keep you away from God. He doesn't move away from you when times get tough. No! There is nothing that can keep Him from you. Nothing you have done, nothing someone else has done to you - nothing changes His love for you.

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