Monday, April 4, 2016

What I learned in March

I need to remember WHY
I have only been homeschooling since January and I have found that if I continually focus on the "what" needs to be done instead of the "why" behind what I'm trying to accomplish with this that my attitude suffers. There are days/weeks when I'm focused on getting that check-list completed as quickly as possible - some days we get it and then I feel like we didn't really accomplish any real learning, we just filled out worksheets. Other days we check things off s l o w l y and I find myself loosing my patience. In these moments I have to recalibrate and remind myself WHY I wanted to homeschool - that I wanted Josiah near, so I could practice gentle, repetitive discipline, to reduce his stress and thus bring down the angry in the whole house... I'm not achieving those goals when I'm yelling over math problems and writing assignments. 

I need to get out of the house
I'm such a homebody. Plus the weather has been ick and the kiddos have been sick and we spent the first half of the month at home. While it's awesome to have a day or two just at home it is important for me to make myself get out of the house sometimes. We lined up a play date and we went to the library and we hit up the park and I found that on those days I felt a little less suffocated by motherhood.

I need to work on my marriage
I've been watching "Married at First Sight" on demand. I even downloaded the FYI app so I could watch all of the seasons. It's so cathartic for me and it's like marriage therapy for free. One of the things I noticed is that all of the couples did better when they did fun things together. In general I'm too idealistic about how my marriage should feel. I'm too serious and often don't see the point in going bowling or going to see a movie or doing fun things when we aren't discussing goals or plans or whatever... My theme song for my marriage at the moment is, ironically enough the Taylor Swift song "out of the woods" my favorite line is "the monsters turned out to be just trees" that's what I hope for about all of the things that scare me about the flaws in my marriage - that those monsters will, in the light of day, turn out to be just tees and the mountains will, in fact, be just molehills. I could say tons and tons and tons more but for today I'n going to leave it at that.

Spotify playlists with my best friend.
My friend Anjelica and I started a shared playlist on Spotify. We both add our favorite worship songs of the moment and IT IS AWESOME. It's my go-to plays list at the moment. I love that she has added songs I hadn't heard yet or haven't heard in awhile. I highly recommend you figure out how to make one for yourself and your favorite people in your life. It's been great.

New favorite phrase: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
This is so true- especially in parenting! If I can head off the meltdown by understanding my kids, and if I give my kids an outlet to release some of their lent up energy and curiosity, it goes a long long ways towards having a peaceful home. The more self-aware I become in my parenting the more I notice how reactionary my parenting can be. But reactionary parenting is super ineffective. So, yeah. This is my mantra right now.

What I'm reading: Looking for Lovely by Annie F Downs I got an advance reader copy and y'all this book is JUST SO GOOD! It's just exactly all of the things you would want your best friend to remind you of over coffee. If you're going through a messy/crappy season of life READ THIS BOOK and discover how to really grow in this season instead of just enduring it. If you're high on life and things are going well READ THIS BOOK and maximize your enjoyment and get ready for when the winds change. It's too easy to kind of give up when life gets hard instead of pressing into God and opening my eyes to see what He's doing. I am reading one short chapter every day and it is doing all kinds of good things for my heart. 

Listening: It's been super-hard for me to listen to any music this month. I've mostly just listened to the radio and a favorite playlist on Spotify. I listened to Brave New World by Amanda Cook a good bit and enjoyed it a lot. 

Watching: This month I saw Alegiant!! That was fun. A good movie, so not what I was expecting though AND they are making a fourth movie so the ending of this third one was not at all like what I expected.

TV currently: 
Married at First Sight 
Zombie House Flippers/Hunters? Something like that. Love this show!
Tiny House Nation 
Tiny House Hunters


  1. I love reading everyone's what I learned posts. I'm waiting for my copy of Looking for Lovely to arrive! Can't wait to read it.

  2. Hi, Faith! I follow you on Instagram and now found your blog. Yay! I like how you joined your review with some other lovely nuggets. ;)

    P.S. I found you from the launch team FB group.


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