Friday, April 29, 2016

What I learned: April

Constipated kids
This month I learned that your kids can be constipated even if they don't seem like it. Eli had his well-check to get his paperwork ready to start kindergarten in the fall and I mentioned that I feel like he was having more potty accidents than is normal for a kiddo who is almost five. She said this is more common then you'd think and sent us for an x-ray. It came back showing severe constipation. Kids who are severely constipated loose their ability to control their bowel movements or even to have the sensation of needing to go. I'm totally in shock. But glad to be learning something new. So he is going grain-free for a bit in case he has some food allergies I haven't been aware of. He's already dairy-free & egg-free. I'm planning on eliminating/reducing our consumption of grains as a family to see if that helps anyone else's digestional health. We eat tons of bread, rice & pasta, so this is a big adjustment.

Family Adventures
This month we tried to get out of the house over the weekends. We met up with my little sister in Atlanta and went to IKEA (for the first time ever!), we went to Stone Mountain (and I had a legit panic attack) and we went to the Earth Day celebration at Phinizy Swamp. Daniel enjoys going out so much more than I do and because I'm such a homebody I tend to not want to do things on the weekends. I just want everybody at home, reading our books and doing our chores and, in reality, getting  on each other's nerves. I mentioned in another post that I have been watching the Married at First Sight show and I noticed a lot of patterns in the behavior of these couples, one of them was that they got along a lot better when they were making the time to do activities together and that when there wasn't anything going on that they were more likely to fight. 

Clothing/closet organizing apps:
Thanks to an Instagram post by Emily Freeman I have dipped a toe into the world of clothing/wardrobe apps. The app Emily Freeman recommended was called Stylebook but because I don't pay for apps I downloaded a free version called Cluise:
The thing I like about the Cluise app is that once you add your clothing items you can create outfits, snap a selfie of the outfit and share. It's basically like an Instagram of outfit of the day. You can also ask the app to suggest an outfit for the next day. The app checks the weather in your area and then suggests a weather appropriate outfit. I asked the app to dress me and this is what it suggested:
It also suggested some other looks. I can't wait to enter more clothes into this app! It's a lot of fun. I have only been adding what I wear each day but you could also add it all at once. It really makes me think about what Ibwear, what I don't wear and what style I like.

I also downloaded Stuff N Style. It's a little bit more like Polyvore. You can request styling and (hypothetically) style your friends. 

It would be super fun to have a group of girlfriends on this app and have them suggest outfits for you. I requested a styling and this is what I was given: 
This is cute. Right?

I feel more like myself when I have a book to read. This month I picked up a few novels and actually finished reading them!  That hasn't happened in awhile. 
This was sitting on the adult new release shelf at my library, so I picked it up. It seemed like the least horrible thing on the shelf so I brought it home and ended up really enjoying it. It is about a young woman with early onset Alzheimer's and a young man with dementia who fall in love in a seniors care home. It's told from the perspective of the woman with Alzheimer's and also from the perspective of their cook, Eve. It reminded me somewhat of "What Alice Forgot" - it had a similar style and tone. 
I decided to find out for myself what all the hype is about surrounding "Me Before You" by Jojo Moyes. Now I know. And I totally get it. It was so sweet!!! I loved the main characters, a quadriplegic and his young caregiver. He used to live big, she has led a small life. He hates his life now, she is trying to help him find hope. I found it to be rather pro-right-to-die, especially near the end. The story was so worth it though. I bawled my eyes out at the end. And have you seen the trailer for the movie that is coming out? It may just be even better than The Fault In Our Stars.
I picked this up from the new adult non-fiction shelf at my library and so far it has been amazing. I'm not very far into it but I can already see myself viewing my parenting differently. If you haven't read anything about mindful parenting or conscious parenting you really really should. This book is supposed to help my with my absent-minded and impulsive kiddos. I hope it helps because with Josiah home full-time now I run into his executive function lacks quite often and it is a struggle for me to know how to help him.

I also wanted to mention that Annie F Downs just released her Bible Study companion to Looking for Lovely (which I read last month and highly recommend). I got to see a preview of it and it looks amazing. The study is organized by occupations of characters in the Bible. I have never done a Bible study by Annie F Downs but I'm thinking that this summer that might change. 

I watched this last night. It's in French with substitutes and not appropriate for kids but so romantic. I'm not super into fashion so I wasn't sure I'd really want to see it but it was recommended in a list I read so I requested it from my library.

I've been listening to my worship playlist on Spotify and the album Brand New by 
Ben Rector

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