Friday, April 22, 2016

Homeschool re-cap

It is Friday!!!!! I have a ton of non-school related stuff to get done today to get ready for family coming to visit us over the weekend but I thought I'd stop here for a minute and reflect on how this week has gone with homeschooling:

Things that went well:
We started our days earlier. Ever since the time change I've been seriously dragging in the mornings. This week we have all been up and at 'em a bit earlier and that has made for a less hectic morning.

Eli has been reading more. He is at the stage where he is really catching onto reading so we do a page out of his phonics book and we work on a list of sight words that Josiah got from school when he was in Kindergarten. It is so exciting to see Eli finally putting the pieces together and make more progress with reading. The plateau stages of teaching your child to read can be super frustrating but these stages of growth make it so worth it!

We got out of the house
For better or worse we put a priority on getting out of the house. This is probably going to be one of the last good weeks of weather before summer weather hits (it's forecasted to be in the 90's here next week!) so I wanted to take advantage of it.

Josiah got to spend time in imaginative play. There was time this week for Josiah to just wander a bit, dress up as a cowboy and play with Eli. I think it's important for kids to have time to do that but it's hard when they are ping-pong-ing from structured activity to electronics to structured activity. In the picture you can see Josiah also enjoyed dressing up his brothers.

We set up a no-screen zone in our routine. Again, because I feel so strongly that this is a limited window of beautiful weather I said no to screen time from around the time everyone got home from school until dinner time and my kids played outside!! Together! (More or less) and with the neighbor kids. It was great. 

Eli is sleeping in his own bed. Okay so this isn't strictly homeschool-related but it is worth noting. This kid has been the hardest to train. Potty training was crazy hard, sleep training has been an ongoing battle but I think finally we have a winner. This week he went to bed in his own bed, it took forever to get him down the first night but it has taken less and less time each night and he stayed in his bed with minimal wake-ups. Most importantly he stayed in his own bed all night. I am a fan of co-sleeping, but it was time. There just wasn't room for all four of us in the bed. I can feel that I'm getting a better night's sleep. Grayson has been a terrific sleeper from the get-go, so I'm looking forward to some good sleep coming my way!

Wow - I honestly thought I'd only have like one thing to write in that column.

Things that did not go so well:
I am so ready for summer. Spring break ruined me for the rest of the school year. My older kids are doing testing at school and here at home we are just hanging out wrapping up our school year, I am just so ready to be done with it. I'm thinking the rest of the year we'll do more science experiments and art projects than anything else. 

We struggled with keeping a routine. I usually try to do the same classes in the same order but this week we were more haphazard and disorganized.

This week we struggled with writing. Every time Josiah saw something that requires some writing he freaked out. I am seriously struggling with how to respond when he does that. He feels so out of control. I tried to tell him that I would sit right with him and we'd break it down into little pieces. The work is hardly difficult for him, it just requires some extra concentration. 

This week the baby started teething which has made him about 100% fussier and made it more difficult to get school work done. Thankfully Josiah seems to have completed all of the core work that he needed to get done this year, now we're just running down the clock with review work and preview lessons for next year. I'm really thankful for the K12 program right now. I'm not sure how much school we'd be doing if it was just me. 

How was your week? I'd love to hear abut it.

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