Sunday, February 14, 2016

Grayson's 2nd hospitalization

I've been wanting to write this post for awhile now, I've just been super-busy since I started homeschooling Josiah - another post for another day!

So at the beginning of the year Grayson got some kind of a virus. He had a mild fever and was overall super fussy and occasionally spitting up a ton. It was really weird, we were both super tired and grumpy. Here's a picture from when I took him into the Saturday clinic. The doctor there checked him for a UTI. Because of his kidney reflux it's super important that we not let a urinary tract infection go untreated, but the test came back negative so the doctor sent me home to see if it was just something he'd get over.

Monday rolled around and Grayson was doing no better so we saw his pediatrician who sent him to the Children's Hospital. This is a picture of us in the ER at the Children's hospital, waiting for results from blood work. Shortly after I took this Grayson spat up all over both of us. He was admitted to the hospital that night and I was basically like "here we go again." It was a pretty rough night for both of us. Grayson's bog sisters would be going to school for the first time in the new year and it was sad not being there with them.


The first 24 hours were pretty rough. I was still in my gross clothes. The doctors were doing pretty much every test they could think of, every test came back negative.


They gave him some IV fluids and tried to decide which antibiotic to prescribe because they had no idea what exactly was causing Grayson to be so sick. The next night was a lot better.



In the morning Grayson seemed to be feeling more like himself. He spent the day smiling at the doctors and nurses and we waited for the last of the tests to come back. They came back negative the next morning and we were able to go home. The doctors never figured out what was wrong with Grayson, other than that it myst have been a virus,

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To be honest, it's still hard to not freak out whenever Grayson gets a little bit sick. I know that babies get colds and such but with this little one spending a total of 10 days in the hospital during his first five months of life it's kinda hard for me to not freak out or live in a constant state of anxiety. I think my word for this year is surrender. I don't know how this next year will go or what it will bring, but whatever happens, we're going to be okay.

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