Thursday, October 8, 2015

31 days of brave: Day 8 - to go low

Yesterday I wrote about  how in my journey of learning to be brave God began to teach me something about what it means to practice humility, and for me, this year, humility has meant learning to be quiet.

It also has meant learning to go low.

I really didn't understand what this meant much at all until I heard this sermon on the fruit of the Spirit is love.  This sermon is one of those epic moments in my walk with God,  it felt like a key piece of the puzzle finally clicking into place. I blogged about the sermon here and you can listen to it here or watch it here.

The key point for me was this: Jesus wanted to show his great love for His disciples... Great! I have a house full of people that I want to show my great love towards. So what did Jesus do? He took the basin and wrapped the towel around his waist, he got down on the floor and he washed his disciples feet.  In other words he served them in the most menial way he could possibly have served them. This was no grand romantic gesture. This was pretty much the social equivalent of me heading over to my best friend's house to clean her toilets. Not that impressive. 

Here is my brave: to go low, to serve the people that I love in the most menial of ways, deciding that God will redeem this act of love and sacrifice - that He will take my mundane and make it into something miraculous.
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  1. Love this post! My symbol for ministry is basin and towel and is focused on Jesus washing the disciples feet text.


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