Saturday, October 31, 2015

31 Days of Brave: Day 31

Can you believe it? We made it all the way to Day 31!! I didn't know if I could publish something for 31 Days strait but I did it!!! I have such a renewed appreciation for blogging and a deeper love for writing. If you are visiting my blog from the #write31days project PLEASE leave a link to you blog in the comments so I can return the visit!! Okay, that is alltogether too many exclamation points in one paragraph but writing every day for an entire month deserves it. If you have a hard time leaving a comment here (sorry!!) you can also leave a comment on my blog's Facebook page or on my Instagram

We tend to think of brave as being big, loud, up front, on stage, bold, dramatic.
But God is calling me to love with the basin and towel.
He is calling me to go slowly and quietly.
He is reminding me that he is with me in the mud
every bit as much as he is with me on the mountaintop.
He is calling me to display his miracle in the mundane.
He is with me in the calm and in the storm,
He is with me in the middle of the fire.
He is inviting me to find our brave together.
Whether serving up front or in back and everywhere in between,
God is inviting me to be brave,
in neediness, vulnerability, honesty and openness.
To be honest about my pain and my grief
I want my story to be a story of brave.every bit
A story of staying when I needed to stay
and going when I needed to go.
I want my story to be a story of above everything else a story of love.  
The only point in being brave is to be brave with my love.


  1. You are brave! Congratulations on finishing! You'll find me here:

  2. Oh Faith, you are brave! Loved your series. Congrats for making it all 31 days.


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