Monday, October 26, 2015

31 Days of Brave - Day 26 - to lean in

My friend and I were chatting about postpartum body issues the other day. I was sharing basically the same thing with my friend as I wrote the other day here. This is one of the things that she said I took with me. She said with her last baby she chose to lean in to this season of her life. We were friends during that season and I remember how much joy she had and how much she enjoyed her sweet baby.

I love love love my sweet baby boy. I love how he changed my heart. I love how having him and all of the drama surrounding his birth helped me to feel like so much of what I had gone through this year had come full circle. But I still don't understand what the purpose of this season is. I feel like having a baby sets me on the sidelines, it slows me down and even though I am trying to learn to be brave in the slow I still struggle with it. I want to lean in to this season. I want to lean in to the friendships, old and new. I want to lean hard into God during this season of neediness. I want to let this season do it's work in my heart and my life, even if, from where I sit, I can't see the purpose clearly.

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