Thursday, October 22, 2015

31 Days of Brave: Day 22 - brave with our grief

I am always surprised when it hits me. I don't always miss my brother on the days I expect I will - his birthday or mine, the holidays or the anniversary of his death. It hits me at other times - when my boys are giving me a look that reminds me of him, or when I see a photo of us together.

Today, at the park, it hit me out of nowhere. Something about the way Eli looked today reminded me of my brother and right there in the middle of the playground I wanted to burst into tears.

It is sometimes hard to know how to be brave through the process of grieving for my brother. It's been awhile now since he took his life and I find that the farther I get from my brother's death the harder it is for me to talk about loosing him. But I keep on talking about him because suicide is an important topic that we need to keep bringing it up, for me this is the bravest thing about fried. As I see other people grieving their losses bravely it is those who are turning their suffering into an opportunity to help others that I admire the most. 

Today I guest blogged about my brother's death at my new friend Sara's blog. I hope you'll go read it and share it. I hope that it will encourage you to the people in your life that you love them.

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  1. i read your guest post and wow - i don't know you but after reading your blog for the past year i would have never guessed that you struggled with suicidal thoughts. i think it was really brave of you to put it out there to encourage others.

    in relation to your post about grief with your brother, i lost my dad to cancer 2.5 years ago and i related to how you don't usually have a hard time on the days everyone expects you to have the hardest time. me either. i have such a hard time in the unexpected times. i will just burst into tears because my daughter, my only child to not meet my dad, has his ears. or i will think of something and hear in my head the exact way he would have said it. or i will just need a hug - the kind he could give. such weird unexpected triggers with grief. i think i brace myself to be strong for the "monumental" days. it is when i am caught unawares...

    thanks for sharing. i never comment because i mostly read on my phone in bed at night and commenting on my phone is hard, but i am on my laptop right now and wanted you to know i am really enjoying your series and have been encouraged by you more than once. blessings.


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