Friday, October 16, 2015

31 Days of Brave: Day 16 - in the middle part 3

I've been writing for the last few days about middle seasons. I wrote about the sermon that helped me turn a corner in my walk through this year of brave and the reminder that God is already at work. I wrote about how even when it feels like God is a million miles away He is really very near and that to God I am His precious child.

Another thing about middle seasons that I've learned from the stories in the Bible is that often when God gives His people promises circumstances go the other way.

I have definitely seen this in my own life. Sometimes it feels like there is just no way. That everything I'm believing God for right now has gone from unlikely to impossible. But this is so typical of how God has done things with His people.

Joseph is my favorite example of this. God gave him a vision of where his life was heading but then circumstances went the other way so that it felt like his vision was impossible. Over and over again in Joseph's life the trajectory of his life appeared to be going the opposite way from God's promises. Other examples of this: Moses, Abraham, David.

In our middle spaces I think it is important to strengthen our faith with these stories of ordinary people-who God used to do extraordinary things. They lived in their middle spaces. They spent nights in the den of the lion and the belly of the whale. They spent years waiting in the wilderness, in barrenness, in the middle.

I can too. God's promises are not contingent upon my circumstances. God's faithfulness is not limited by what my eyes can see. His vision for my life has not been voided just because circumstances went the other way.

This has been one of my favorite worship songs that we have been singing at church. I have been wanting to share it here, because worship has been at the heart of my experience of learning to be brave.

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