Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Welcome to 31 Days of Brave

I'm sitting here at my computer for the first time in nearly a month, in the dim light of this cloudy fall morning, with a cup of (decaf) coffee and a Luna bar, my newborn sleeping on my chest (he started crying as soon as I sat down, so here we are). My big kids are at school and my four year old is watching a Christmas special on Netflix (because we are even worse than the department stores when it comes to watching Christmas shows!!) and I am listening to this playlist on Spotify. Tomorrow the write 31 days project begins and I thought I'd briefly step out of this newborn mommy fog to write a post to introduce my series for this year. 

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be brave. I have rumbled with fear, I have had to look fear in the face and keep moving forward, but I have also been learning that being brave has less to do with big acts of fearlessness and more to do with small choices to embrace my neediness and stop hiding my weakness.

During the week that I spent in the hospital with my one week old baby I learned a lot about being brave. I felt like I was drawn deeper into being brave then I would have ever chosen to go. I learned about facing fear with worship, about letting other people help me.  Basically, I got to live out my brave. 

Over the next 31 days I hope to share a few thoughts about what I have learned over the course of this past year about being brave. 

Day 1 a year of brave (Brave by Sara Bareilles)
Day 2 a little bit of backstory (My Anchor by Christy Nockles) 
Day 3 where feet may fail (Oceans by Hillsong) 
Day 4 a little beginning  (I Place My Hope by Ellie Holcomb) 
Day 5 all I have is ashes (Broken Vessels [amazing grace] - Hillsong)
Day 6 in brokenness and imperfection (Need You Now by Plum)
Day 7 in the quiet (You Make Me Brave - Amanda Cook & Bethel) 
Day 8 to go low (Touch the Sky - Hillsong)
Day 9 to go slowly (Shepherd - Amanda Cook & Bethel)
Day 10 in the mud (Let It Be Jesus - Christy Nockles)
Day 11 hedged in (You Make Me Brave - Kristene DiMarco) 
Day 12 in the middle (Just Be Held - Casting Crowns)
Day 13 in the middle part 2 (No Longer Slaves - Bethel)
Day 14 in the middle of the fire (I Am Not Alone - Kari Jobe)
Day 15 the flames shall not consume you (In Over My Head - Jenn Johnson & Bethel)
Day 16 in the middle part 3 (Love Ran Red - Chris Tomlin)
Day 17 lost in the middle (My Heart Is Yours - Kristian Stanfill)
Day 18 my 1am fears (Never Once - One Sonic Society)
Day 20 neediness
Day 24 to be open
Day 26 to lean in
Day 31 recap

Bonus material:



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