Saturday, September 12, 2015

My Publisher product review

When a friend of mine recently asked if I'd take some newborn pictures for her, my first answer was "I'm not booking sessions right now."  I was in that "any day now" window of giving birth and wasn't sure I could do a good job for her - but we decided on a "play date with a camera" type session - I'd come over, we'd hang out, our preschoolers could play together and I'd bring my camera. Our goal was one decent picture for a birth announcement. I said "I can't promise anything but we can try."

We got enough pictures that I wanted to make a book for her so I turned to one of my favorite photo-book creators: My Publisher. They offer professional style books at consumer prices and always have killer coupons and discounts. Plus they offer all the ease of your typical drugstore book creator but with a much more professional look. It was very easy to make my book on my desktop computer using the download. It's all drag and drop, and I could rearrange my page orders fairly easily. I love the simple layouts and the sleek professional design of the book. 

The ordering process was a breeze. There are lots of really good options and upgrades available. I choose matte paper because that is what I prefer but they also have glossy and super-glossy avaialble. I choose to pay a little extra to upgrade the end pages and I am so very pleased with the end result. The pages are just beautiful and were well worth the small extra charge.

I did run into a little bit of trouble logging into my account - I had an existing account from the last time I ordered from them, about two years ago, and while the email help desk was practically useless the phone help desk was wonderful. They were helpful, knowledgeable, and very friendly. I ended up needing to call the customer support line twice and both times they were super-helpful and totally redeemed the entire experience for me.

The book printed and shipped quickly and I was given notice when it was on it's way, so that made me really happy. The quality of the book itself is really high. I have ordered several photo books of various types and this one is my all-time favorite by a lot. The printing is a little paler than I expected, this may be a monitor calibration error on my part (though my original images looked pretty near the same across devices) or may be the result of ordering matte paper. The quality of the printing is really good though, even if the color is not quite as vibrant as I was hoping for - however for the price of the book I feel like I got a very good value. 

I plan on ordering from them again - probably once I take some really good pictures of my new own baby!

Here is the album of images on Flickr & Here is my last review of My Publisher

If you'd like to try MyPublisher for the first time here is a special offer:

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