Friday, September 4, 2015

a little bit of weekend procrastination

One of the great things about our new morning routine now that school has started is having a little bit of time in the mornings to be at the computer without constant interruption. I've been wanting to post a few of my favorite AGT videos here because my family is enjoying this season quite a lot and I figured with a nice long weekend coming up it would be fun to write a post like this...

One of my favorites acts from last week is Drew Lynch. This week his performance was so funny. It takes him just a little while to get to the punchline but once you get there it is so worth it. You can see his audition video here. His judges cut audition was good too but you REALLY have to watch Piff the Magic Dragon's performance from the same night first  (even though it was just okay.)

Piff the Magic Dragon is another one of our favorite acts. It took a little while for him to grow on me as an act. His audition was pretty hilarious, especially at the end as the judges are giving their comments, his character is just so... I don't even know what the right word is. My favorite moment of the video below happens around 5:30 with Neil Patrick Harris and the sandwich. Best Moment of the show. Ever. This was my favorite performance of his so far.

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  1. Drew Lynch is one of my faves too!! He is such an inspiration.


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