Monday, October 5, 2015

31 Days of Brave: Day 5 - all I have is ashes

I was driving home from church one evening, early this year, praying out loud for the first time in a long time.

My small group had just completed our first service project and I was amazed at what a big project our small group had been able to pull off. None of us had a lot to bring. None of us had a lot of money to put towards the project, none of us had a lot of time, but together we managed to feed the entire staff of one of our local elementary schools. I was in awe. During the weeks of planning I had definitely had my moments of doubt, you never know how these things will pan out, in our case it succeeded above and beyond what I had hoped for. It was an amazing experience and bolstered my faith. 

I was thinking about the story in the New Testament about that time that a small boy brought his packed lunch to Jesus and through his small offering Jesus fed an entire crowd. Our experience had felt like that. I prayed out loud in the car that evening "God, I have less than that little boy. I don't have a little bit of lunch. I don't even have empty hands. All I have is ashes." 

In seasons of heartache and fear all I have to offer God is hands full of ashes. All I have is a heart full of fear, anger, hurt, bitterness, doubt and frustration. I desperately want to be filled with love and light and faith but if I'm honest I feel like I'm drowning in doubt and darkness.  

Here is the beautiful thing - as I look at my dirty hands and back up to the face of my Father He reminds me "this is who I AM. I am the One who makes beauty out of ashes. I am the God who raises an army out of dry bones. I am the God who embraces you in all of your mess and brokenness but I don't leave you there. I washes you with My Word,  I clothe you in the wedding gown of grace. I set your feet on the rock." 

We do not have a Savior who can not sympathize with our weakness. We have a Redeemer who has walked these broken roads among our broken hearts. He doesn't ask us to come with our abundant "wisdom" or strength or even faith - he welcomes us in our brokenness, our emptiness our mess and junk. He embraces us and does amazing things shining light in the darkness.

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