Monday, August 24, 2015

What I wore

This is a MAJOR flashback post back to 2012 - I was looking through this album on my flickr page the other day and loved it so much that it made me want to write a blog post. So here you go. I guess it's easier for me to share these images because it's from a couple of years ago - my bedroom doesn't actually look like this anymore.  I'm hugely preggo which means that I look so thin to myself in these pictures. I'm all like - look at you girl! You look so cute.  

I'm also totally in love with the real-life around me in these pictures. I love how some of these outfits are so cute and how some of them totally tank. I love that I took pictures in my everyday staying-at-home outfits. I love seeing how little my kids were. And also, can I take a second to say how much I love this short hair cut? This needs to happen again. So here you go - hope this inspires you and causes you to look at yourself more kindly. 

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