Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer lately (in pictures)

Some of these have been shared on Instagram and Facebook but here is our summer so far, more or less, in pictures.

Water makes everything better. A friend gave us this baby pool a year or two ago and Katie-Abigail and I spent an afternoon blowing it up. 

I finally figured out how to get the the lake and found a bit of beach. It was a GREAT day (with minimal sunburns) and we can't wait to go back.

And of course summer is for playing Monopoly.

Emma had her birthday. Daniel bought her this MyLittlePony stuffed animal - which was so perfect for her! 

We also bought her a pet Betta fish, which she has named Cayden. So far she is enjoying taking care of it.

Sometimes on really got days we go to the mall.
This is real life.

We are constantly asked if these two are twins. They are not. They are two years apart (and pretty far apart maturity-wise) Usually Katie-Abigail prefers to play with Josiah and Emma hangs out with Beth. 

Emma got some MyLittlePony figures for her birthday. Eli likes to play with them with her. They call each other "Ommy" and "Bobby" and Eli will sometimes introduce himself at the park as Bobby - or Inspector Gadget.

Library days are the highlight of our week! 

I'm trying to do better about taking advantage of those moments when one child is feeling bored and left out (or just generally grumpy) and either include them in what I'm doing or do something with them. Josiah and I put together a puzzle the other day. This doesn't happen very often so it had to be documented. 

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