Monday, July 27, 2015

Octonauts PreK: Season 1

I already wrote about trying to find activities for Eli to complete this fall to coordinate with his favorite show - The Octonauts. Here is a list of episodes in season 1 with coordinating printable coloring sheets and books.

Season 1

1. The Undersea Storm/ The Giant Squid Printable
2. The Great Algae Escape/ The Walrus Chief Printable
3. Flying Fish Printable / Narwhal Printable
4. Monster Map / Blue Crab & Sea Urchin Printable
5. Albino Humpback Whale Printable / The Remipedes Printable
6. Orcas Printable/ Blobfish Book Printable
7. Decorator Crab Book Printable / Whale Shark Book Printable
see a preview of the book here
this is my son's favorite creature

8. Cookie Cutter Shark Printable / Jellyfish Printable
9. Sailfish Printable / Vampire Squid Printable
10. Humuhumunukunukukuapua's Printable / Giant Spider Crab Printable
11. Kelp Forest / Hermit Crab Printable 
12. Pilot Fish & Whitetip Shark Book Printable / Beluga Whale Printable
13. Snot Sea Cucumber Printable / Giant Whirlpool
14. Slime Eels Printable / Arctic Orca Printable
15. Sea Star / Giant Jellyfish Printable
16. Snapping Shrimp Printable / Kelp Forest Rescue
19. Parrot Fish Printable / Electric Torpedo Rays Printable
20 Midnight Zone/ Whales
21 Seahorse Printable / Anemones Printable
22 Cuttlefish Printable / Lemon Shark Printable
23 Dolphin Printable / Spookfish Printable
24 Oarfish / Combtooth Blenny Printable
25 Marine Iguanas / Dwarf Lanternshark Printable
26 The Great Penguin Race 
27 Christmas Rescue 

Links for coordinating books are in the list above
You can also find Octonaut books via iBooks

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