Monday, July 27, 2015

Octonauts Pre K

As I've started to think about the fall and what kind of activities I can do to keep Eli busy, engaged and learning some science I thought I'd look around for what activities I could find to coordinate with one of his favorite shows: The Octonauts. Eli is pretty interested in all things Oceanic, and I thought that this might be something he'd enjoy. Here are a few things I've found so far: 

The Octonauts Website

At we found some games that coordinate with a few of the episodes. Completing  "missions" unlock printables and creatures for their ocean. The games are all pretty similar and some of them are too hard for my 4 year old but it's a cute, easy to navigate site. 

I also found various printables. The cards & badges for the first creature chart were pretty easy to find, I'm still working on the next 50, they are not as clearly indexed and I'm having a hard time finding them all. I'm working on collecting an episode list for Season 1 (which you can view on Netflix) and coordinating activities.  I hope to post it in the next week or two. 

Print: Creature Card Holder for Season 1 via Disney
Print: Creature Chart for Season 1 via Disney

Printable Creature Cards & Badges:

Character Coloring Sheets via

Octonauts Printable Activity Pages


Spot the Difference

Match the Creature

Shadow Match

The Octonauts ABC song on YouTube


  1. do you still have the narwhal creature card. the link above goes to the moray eel

  2. were you ever able to find all the season 2 creature cards? I have some from the disney junior website, but it's not a complete set. I am using them as incentives for my kids to earn and they are loving it!

  3. Were you ever able to get links for the season 2 creature cards? We have a few from the Disney Jr. website, but was not able to make a complete set. I am using them for my kids to earn as incentives and they are loving it. Thanks!

    1. Yay!! I'm glad that they are loving it. I could only find a few random ones for season 2 also. It's so sad :(

    2. I published the notes I had for Season 2 - I didn't have much. But here is the link:


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