Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pregnancy Update

I realized that yesterday's post mentioned that I'm pregnant, which is the first time I've written about it in this space. I wasn't doing much blogging when we found out - so here's a quick little update!

I'm currently about 22 weeks along.
I'm due September 5
It's a boy.

It has been a harder pregnancy for me but everyone is healthy and doing well.

This kiddo is really active, like a little ninja. He was so active the ultrasound tech had a hard time measuring his heartbeat because he was moving constantly

All of the kids are really excited about our new little one. They call the baby "stick man" - thank you Emma for that one) Eli has been really really sweet about getting ready for "his baby" - and he is looking forward to helping take care of the new baby. There will be four years and two  months between the two of them.

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  1. Faith, congrats! Maybe baby boy will come early and be born on my birthday; September 3rd!


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