Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas movies I want to watch again

I wrote this last week when we were sick and just now have a few minutes to add the pictures. So here you go, some of my Christmas(ish) movies to watch this week... 

At my house right now we are all pretty sick. Katie-Abigail has this weird virus that has a fever, a caugh plus achy red eyes. Everyone else has fevers and caughs. I spent a day feeling miserable. So we have been spending a lot of time on the couch and we have been watching movies. Some of the movies we've been watching get a huge eye-roll from me, especially some of the Christmas movies the kids found on Netflix, but here are a few I love.

Tonight we watched Sleepless in Seattle. This is one of my all-time top-ten favorite movies. It's not exactly a Christmas movie, but it takes place between Christmas and Valentines Day and stars Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan. Watching this again made me so happy  (though there was some inappropriate dialogue between the boy & his dad while they are brushing their teeth, watching it with my kids that was definitely a fast-forward moment) I read in the notes to the soundtrack that the director took great pains to give this movie a classic, timeless feel. The music is great... (Hmmm I think I have the soundtrack somewhere on CD. I wonder where that is?) I just love Annie's character and the scene where Sam is describing his wife (who has died) is one of my all-time favorite movie scenes ever. The technology is crazy-outdated (no cell phones. no email. basically no internet) and that was fun to see.

When my great-aunt told us about Sleepless in Seattle, back when it was newer, she said "but first you have got to watch An Affair to Remember since there are so many references to that movie. I remember watching it and thinking it was okay, but I liked Carey Grant in The Bishops's Wife better.

The Bishop's Wife is an old black and white that might be even better than It's a Wonderful Life it's romantic and sweet all about the true meaning of Christmas without being extraordinarily religious. This movie was re-made delightfully with Whitney Houston and Denzel Washington in The Preacher's Wife. It's a fun Christmas movie with great music and a good message.

Another movie starring Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan takes place from Septmeber to Spring is You've Got Mail so again, it's not exactly a Christmas movie but it's one I love to watch this time of year. There's a fast-forward moment when Meg Ryan's character is talking to her sales associate about how she met Tom Hanks' character in a chat room, but overall it's another great movie with a great soundtrack. I love the sweetness of the book store, the moments when they are writing their emails - so many quotable lines in this movie!

Another not-exactly Christmas movie that I have loved forever is While You Were Sleeping it takes place from Christmas Eve to New Years. It stars Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman and is about a girl who falls in love with a stranger and then poses as his fiancĂ©e after she saves his life. My favorite scene is when she is pulling up her Christmas tree through the window of her apartment. As a shy quiet person I always related to her quiet life at the start of this movie and I love how she slowly falls in love with someone real and gives up her fantasy.

The Family Man is sort of a spin-off of It's a Wonderful Life and stars Nicolas Cage as a wealthy man who lives his life without heart until one Christmas Eve he is given "a glimpse" of what his life could have become if he had married his girlfriend and followed a dramatically different path. The co-stars in this movie are fantastic. It's a heart-warming movie about what really matters in life.

Maybe it's because I watched this as a kid but I have an undieing love for the movie All I Want for Christmas about two kids in Manhattan who plot to get their parents back together on Christmas.

The Holiday is one of the few movies with Jack Black that I don't hate. It's about two people (Cameron Diaz & Kate Winslet) who switch houses for the Holidays and dramatically change their lives. So romantic. 

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  1. Feeling much better; Christmas Day was great with 2 daughters' and families - 5 grandchildren! Relaxing tonight...watching The Holiday!!!


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