Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Broken to life

The title of this post is from one of my new favorite songs. I posted it over here. This weekend we sang it at church and I was reminded again that sometimes I am super-aware of my brokenness and less aware of how much God has healed me, how He has brought the broken to life.



Storm-tossed by my inner struggle

Battered by my circumstances.

At the end of a month that felt like I was coming to a dead-end, near the end of a year that I thought might be the end of everything. In the middle of this He has filled me with life and light and it is who I am to share that light with other people. He has made me a lighthouse and though the storm still rages - He made me to shine.

It is easy to be deceived into believing that we have to wait for all of our brokenness to be healed to share the life that God has given us. Sometimes I feel like I need to wait until my life is more "together" before I can be in a place to say anything valuable. But God has chosen to put His treasures in jars of clay. I would rather be fine china. A pretty painted teacup, a flawless bowl. Yet His ways are not our ways. He chooses the weak, the lowly, the foolish, the have-nots and the nobodies of this world to bring His light to the darkness and His love to the hate.

This weekend I was reminded of how I need to focus more on the life and light God has given me in the middle of my brokenness. I need to let go of my excuses, stop focusing on the hurt in my life as something that disqualifies me and take each step of obedience God calls me to with faith. Resting in Him. Because it is all Him. He is the one who made. He is the one who saves. It is His work from begining to end, so that no one can boast.

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  1. That's a great song. Like clay jars, yep, but so often I think we want to be that fine china etc. It seems to be me God wants us to embrace our brokenness yet that is easier said than done.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Faith! I also detect myself thinking I need to have it all together first. No, this is wrong and actually hinders God's healing to do its miracle work. Thanks for this reminder!


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