Saturday, December 6, 2014

A little bit of writerlyness


I have this amazing online friend named Corinne. She is one of those friends that I made through my blog several years ago and have kept in contact with through social media for quite a long time. We ocassionally check in with each other's blogs and like each other's posts on Facebook and Instagram.

A few months ago I reached out to her. I was at a dead-end moment - after months and months of running up against this same wall I finally gave in and asked for help. I was at a point in my writing that I needed a fresh pair of eyes. A fresh pair of writer's eyes. 

Corrine was really gracious. She worked with me one on one for a couple of weeks, we exchanged a bunch of emails, she read an awful lot of my notes and half-finished manuscripts and then she opened a door in the walls I kept running into. I really had just one question that needed any kind of answer and Corinne helped me find it. She stepped into my mess with abundant grace and helped me sort it out a bit. She asked good questions and gave the feedback I was desperately needing. And she is opening up a class for writerly folks like you and me. 

Registration is open now for her class which will be running January 5-16th so if you have at all been thinking that some kind of writing class/collective would be a good thing for you to commit to in the coming year - well then I highly recommend that you click here, register for her class and then read a few (or a lot) of her blog posts.

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  1. Your words made my day! It was wonderful to work with you, to read your words, and I look forward to doing it again soon! xoxo


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