Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Day 29: when the walls fall down

This is Day 29 of my 31 days of writing series. If you haven't read Day 1 yet you can click here first. 

I wrote recently about hitting my Jericho wall. I wrote about the fear. I wrote about choosing love. I wrote about being still to watch God fight my battles. Now I am here to testify God is faithful.

I few nights ago I sat in church, crying out to God. "God I don't know how much longer I can go on like this. I feel like I am hanging on by a thread." And I felt like God reminded me that yes, I am down to one thread but that one thread was Himself. He has got me. I don't have to be afraid. 

Later I confessed "God, I feel so overwhelmed by this storm. I feel like I'm in the middle of a hurricane." And God immediately gave me a picture of a lighthouse. The waves crashed and that storm raged but the lighthouse stood strong against the waves. I remembered Proverbs 18:10 that says "The name of The Lord is a strong tower. The righteous runs into it and are safe." I have been praying this month, declaring that God is the rock beneath me. This picture was like a confirmation of everything I have been praying.

A few hours later I am sitting in the dark crying out to God again. "Daddy-God, I just need a glimmer of hope." and in this moment I see it, not just a glimmer but a flood-light of hope in my darkest places.

My Jericho walls have fallen. 

God has been faithful to me.

He has fought my battles. 

He has saved the day. 

Now, I have to keep moving forward. I have to keep fighting (mostly within myself) to not slip back into old habits, to keep this ground God has given me. 

I have said this before and I will say it again now. Love wins. When you have the right to be angry but you choose love. Love wins. When a big piece of you wants to retreat with your hurt but you stay and choose love. Love wins. When you choose not to lay down but to stand there and choose love. Love wins. It's not about what he said or what she did or how hurt you feel or how you are being misunderstood and misrepresented it is about choosing love. Letting go of fear and choosing love. Placing your hope in God alone and choosing love. 

I know our circumstances are all different but our God is the same yesterday today and forever. He is faithful. He is trustworthy. His love never fails. Just wait and see.


  1. Indeed God's love never fails. Your post reminds me of the song "My Lighthouse" by a Rend Collective Experiment. If you haven't heard it, you should go check it out.

  2. This is absolutely beautiful! I love the two powerful words, "Love Wins."


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