Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day 28 - Jericho

It is 11:50 on October 31st as I sit down to write this post on my phone and while it kind of feels like I ought to I'm not done yet. want to write all 31 days of my challenge. So here is my day 28. Sometimes you hit a Jericho wall.

In case you don't know the story - let me give you the short version: God freed His people who were enslaved in Egypt (maybe you remeber the whole "Let my people go" thing from the movie or the song "When You Believe" from the cartoon) God promised to bring them to their promised land. Looooong story short - when they get there the one of first things they come to is a massive walled city. They are just the children of slaves, not soldiers and they have no idea how to reclaim their land. So their leader (who by this time is a guy named Joshua) goes off away from the camp and prays for God to give him a strategy to win their first decisive victory. The angel of The Lord appears to him and give him this strategy: walk around the wall etc. etc. blow your horns and yell. If that had been me I would have been like:


That makes a lot of sense. 

Okay, sure.

But Joshua followed God's instructions and God came through for him. 

In my life, right now, I'm facing my own personal Jericho wall. I walked into it face first and after I cried for a little while I got off by myself, on a walk. Listening for an answer to all of my problems (insert the sound of crickets chirping)  I had to keep taking each hour one minute at a time and like a fog doesn't usually disappear in a minute my own personal fog took awhile to clear. To be honest, I think it is probably still in the process if clearing but here is one thing I know for sure right now: you can't live your life by fear. It doesn't work. Life is hard and you are going to get hurt one way or another, it is better to be brave and choose love and get hurt than to fear and not be able to give or receive love. Fear and love don't mix. I don't need to be constantly trying to protect myself. 

I also believe you can trust God to fight your battles that doesn't mean always being passive or placating but it does mean trusting God with the outcome. 

The end of the story of Jericho is that God held up his end of the deal. The walls of this city fell down, and every other city was filled with terror so great that they didn't dare go to war against this small emerging nation wandering through their promised land.

I believe when we get to a Jericho moment, when there is no clear next step and it seems like there is nothing you can do - that is the moment you step back to see what God is going to do. 

Then you watch Him fill you with love, and give you peace and the endurance necessary to get to the next thing, or the bravery to speak the honest words you have been too afraid to speak. You fight in your spirit against all of the lies of the enemy, you keep holding onto God's word and His promises. He will fight for you, you'll see. You just need to be still.

I'm saying this to you - because maybe you need to hear it too. I'm saying it out loud because tomorrow I might feel like laying down in passivity. But I will do the hard work of fighting through my fear. Choosing love, holding onto hope, embracing honesty, trusting God to guide me through.
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  1. I think this is beautiful Faith and I love that you are finishing the 31 days. I'm still following. :)


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