Monday, November 10, 2014

a prayer for your Monday

I was praying this for myself over the weekend. I was praying this for the mission team from my church this weekend too. Now I am praying it for you:

May you be overwhelmed 
by NOTHING but God

May you be overwhelmed by God's faithful provision for you more than you are aware of your feelings of lack.

May you be overwhelmed by God's unfailing steadfast faithful love for you more than you are overwhelmed by the chaos, clutter and noise of daily life.

May you be overwhelmed by God's covering of grace more than you are aware of the moments when you totally blow it.

More than your to-do list
More than your problems
More than your worries
More than your heartache

May you be overwhelmed by God

Who knows me
Who sees me
Who guides me
Who provides for me 
Who rejoices over me with singing
Whose steadfast love will never depart from me 
Whose faithfulness towards you and me is the rock under our feet
Whose grace had led us into wide open spaces
Whose plan for our lives is to give us hope

The God who made the heavens and earth
Who sees all
Who knows all
Who needs nothing
Still knows me by my name


  1. The LORD is speaking when so many of His people are reporting similar words. The sermons we heard in the car yesterday driving along I-75, the quotes on FB, messages from friends, bloggers in faith, and conversations with the passer by all containing a similar message. Father is speaking to us...don't worry...I Am here with you.
    Thank you!

  2. This is beautiful, Faith! Thanks for your powerful words!

  3. How appropriate... I woke up singing words to a song our worship pastor wrote: "I am overwhelmed and I stand amazed by the love of Christ."

  4. Yes!!! Beautiful post my friend! May we all be overwhelmed by these things. I pray this for you as well!

  5. This meant a lot to me today. Thanks, Faith :)


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