Saturday, October 4, 2014

Day 5: disappointment and Ruth

This is Day 5 of my 31 days of writing series called "Confessions of a Road Kill Christian" If you haven't read Day 1 you can click here first. I am linking up with #write31days. I hope you will stick around for the whole thing... while the message of one post might feel incomplete my hope is that by the end we'll be encouraged by who God is and who He says we are to Him. 

I'm writing this on Saturday, sitting at the Barnes and Noble at the mall, sipping an iced coffee. My big girls are wandering around, checking in with me every once in awhile, and this quiet is good.

I wrote yesterday about Naomi & disappointment. Today I wanted to write about Ruth. I wasn't sure if I wanted to write about Ruth's story now or later, towards the end of this series, but for better or worse, I'm going ahead and writing about her today.

I don't know what Ruth's emotional response was to her disappointment but her actions spoke of a deep strength of character. She had lost her husband, but it appears she had gained faith and she walked through her disappointment with faith and everyday, ordinary obedience.

I love how Ruth appears to just put one foot in front of the other. She has no clue how this will all turn out for her, but she steps forward in faith, one step at a time. There is a chance that it will end  badly for her, going out into the fields maybe she will be attacked by the laborers, but she moves forward anyway doing the hard work of ordinary obedience, and God blessed her. 

I feel like (one of the many many lessons) of Ruth is that God blesses ordinary obedience. Sometimes in the tough seasons of life we just have to keep moving in obedience (even if it doesn't feel like moving forward), one foot in front of the other, day after day after day. We fall down, and then we get up and keep obeying and trusting. We keep going in the direction God has shown us or what His word commands us and we keep moving in that direction until the door closes and the direction changes. 

For me, that has meant showing up to small group, week after week, year after year. This has been the single biggest influence in my growth over the last few years.It has meant showing up when I don't feel like it. It has meant being honest when I felt like hiding. It has meant sticking with the same group of ladies, building relationships that are honest and open and I have seen God use those relationships to heal, restore and grow me in an extraordinary and unexpected way.


  1. Is it ok if I comment almost every day? ;) I love this. It is a reminder of the spectacular simplicity of trusting in God. One small step after another. We may only see a small portion of what God is doing in our lives. He shows himself faithful in these small moments and still there is more. There is this grander picture that Ruth didn't see! A legacy.

  2. what encouragement.... God blesses ordinary obedience

  3. Oh my goodness. This so resonates with me (and relates to my 31 Day blog theme too). I have been through so much in the last 21 months. One of the themes that has run through this period for me has been this idea of putting one foot in front of the other and being obedient even when I didn't want to or didn't feel like it was doing any good. It has been probably one of the biggest things that I have clung to when I felt like I just couldn't go any further. Also, one of my daughters has Ruth as part of her name. She is named after two of her great-grandmothers (one on my side and one on my husband's side) and every time I call her by her full name (even in frustration) I'm reminded of my grandmother Ruth's joy and perseverance.

  4. Still with you here. Awesome insight!


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