Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 25 - ordinary

During this writing challenge I have really learned one thing:

every story matters

we echo each other in so many ways
sometimes it's easier to believe the lie
that someone else is writing this same story
better or more beautifully or with a deeper degree of honesty/vulnerability/authenticity/whatever
then to sit down at the keyboard and pound out another post.

each voice matters
each story reaches someone
touches a place in our souls

this month I've read so many blogs but this has just reinforced this idea, that each writer is important. That our point of view is helpful, even if we are saying the same thing as someone else we are saying it from a different point of view or in a way that someone is going to hear in a unique way.

Samantha is young and single and wrote this post about being a writer that I just loved. (I loved this one too)
Liz  is married without kids she loves God and her writing is totally kick-ass.
The Hope Diaries is daring to share her story of healing after she had an affair
The Wounded Dove is writing about healing after her husband's affair
The Momma is sharing her story of mental illness
Tara is writing about her mother's mental illness

and there are so many others sharing their stories of God's faithfulness to them, or their dreams of writing, or just struggle and a chance to say me too.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out Faith. I hope that by sharing my story others are blessed. Love ya friend!

  2. Thanks for reading my story. You are so right - all our stories have value for ourselves and each other. I look forward to reading more of yours.

  3. I agree! I was reading a book that said we are like plants that have different needs to grow and flourish. Each one will turn out different from the other. You and I have dramatic and different stories. Even those who feel like they have been through nothing, there stories are just as beautiful and are my hope for my children.

  4. So true. Every story matters. Every single one, and only in a way that we each can tell it. Thanks for the love! xo


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