Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day 1: "what if My miracle is you?"

Welcome to my 31 days of writing blog post series. I am jointing The Nester for a writing challenge. You can check out the other bloggers who are participating in this challenge at the 31 Days blog. If you're visiting my blog for the first time I'm so happy you are here and I'd love to "meet" you. Please feel free to leave a comment with a link to your blog or leave a comment on my Instagram or my blog's Facebook page. You can learn more about me here but to give you a quick re-cap. I'm thirty-one years old, I have been married for thirteen years to Daniel (who has been an atheist for the last six years) I have five kids ages twelve to three (three girls and then two boys!)  I used to blog more regularly and offer online and in-person photography classes.  Right now my life is really simple - four of my kids are in public school, and I am a full-time stay at home mom which has been it's own kind of hard but also it's own kind of really good. I'll be writing this blog post series about what it means to me to have my identity come from who God says I am and not my circumstances or performance. 

I have this really vivid memory - I was on the floor sobbing. My kids surrounded me, four little faces with eyes filled with concern.

We had just moved to a new town, hours away from family. We had survived some of the hardest years of our marriage. Financial strain, relationship turmoil, excruciating personal struggles - we had been through a lot. I was probably having panic attacks during this time, but I didn't know what they were and I didn't really have anyone to talk to about what was going on.

all things new

Fast forward a few years - I'm at a Women's Retreat,  and I'm just crying out to God. My sweet friend is giving the teaching, encouraging us to surrender to God and watch Him work His miracle in our lives. And I'm crying out to God asking "where is my miracle?!! God, I have surrendered to you, everything that you have asked me to lay down, I have laid it down, every hope, every dream, every expectation, I have laid everything down before you. I have surrendered - now where is my miracle?"

And I remember in that moment, as I was pouring my heart out to God how he spoke quietly, gently to me and I felt him said "what if My miracle is YOU? What if my miracle is that you are filled with joy and peace in the middle of circumstances that have not changed one bit." 

happiness is the first flowers of spring

This is the story of God working little by little to make this come true in my life. He took this storm-tossed shipwrecked heart and made it whole and better-than-new. He has taken my weeping and turned it to joy, he has taken me through barren wastelands and He has been my river of joy. 

Why am I writing this? 
I am writing this for me - because I desperately need to remind my heart of who God is and what he has done for me. Because I need him to be that for me now - in the middle of today's mess and heartache. 

But I'm also writing this for you, whoever you are, because chances are you know what it's like to feel beaten down and defeated by life. Because I want you to hear me loud and clear - God's love has nothing to do with how well you or I perform or how "together" our lives may be. 

I am still on this journey. There is still tons I am struggling with right now but looking back and seeing how far He has brought me seems like a good place to start today. continue to Day 2


  1. This is lovely: "What if my miracle is YOU"? Such truth in those words. Looking forward to the rest of this series.

  2. Great topic. It is so important to remember who God is. He is GOD. It's so hard to wrap your head around that. Looking forward to following you!

  3. Thank you. Such perfect timing. You just have no idea

  4. I can so relate. Thank you for sharing. Look forward to reading more.

  5. Oh, Faith.
    Thank you for your honesty, and for your willingness to share your struggles.
    I pray that God blesses you as you go through this process, and that He reveals His truth in your life and His provision day by day.

  6. Great post, I love your perspective. I look forward to reading more! - Kristin

  7. As I was reading, I was reminded of the first year I wrote in this journey...I wrote a series called 31 Days of Faith Life Preservers...because I felt like I was sinking into oblivion. I wrote that year to save my own own faith life. I wrote from a desperate place. It might be the most raw, real I've ever written! With heartfelt prayers for His glory to rise from the ashes, and your beauty to shine beyond all reason, a holy fire of grace and truth. For Him, with you, Dawn

  8. what an encouragement, you are the miracle....

  9. Wow! I am just now, on day 6 of this 31 Days journey, finding my way over here to read, but I am already sensing that your words may be good things for my spirit to hear. Thank you for sharing your heart so openly and bravely! On I go to day 2!

  10. wow. you totally had me tear up in the first few sentences. you are a great writer and draw readers in. i admire your ability to be vulnerable and process where everyone can read it.

  11. Faith, this is amazing! I've been trying so hard to catch up and I finally made it here to read. I can't wait to read more of your words. Thank you for sharing your heart.


  12. Beautiful and transparent. Looking forward to reading more!

  13. Wow. This is what I want for my own life... "What if my miracle is that you are filled with joy and peace in the middle of circumstances that have not changed one bit."


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