Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Katie-Abigail

I wrote this on Katie-Abigail's birthday, but that was last week... I had these pictures sitting on my computer waiting to finish out this post. I'm going to call this a case of better late then never. 

Today is Katie-Abigail's birthday!!


Today she turns nine yearas old.


Today I want to try to capture a little snapshot of my Katiebug.


She just started fourth grade and for the first time ever I think she is really going to like her teacher. This teacher seems creative and high-energy which will match Katie-Abigail quite well. She is generally my least enthusiastic student. She loves to experience the thing she is learning, for instance when her class did a unit on stars and they brought in a mobile solar system experience - she was really motivated. Sitting and reading from a book and filling in the blanks is excruciating for her. Even so she ended last year on the AB honor roll. This year I'm hoping for a really good experience. I'm really watching her diet (hoping that reducing carbs and increasing protein will help regulate her blood sugar etc. and decrease her symptoms of ADD) and we are doing most of her homework in the morning when the house is quiet. We have also started checking out books on CD for her to read along with and that has been excellent and has helped her be more interested in reading longer books. 


She asked for Barbies for her birthday, a girl barbie and a boy barbie. Daniel bought her the barbies and I bought her some outfits for them. I'm expecting she'll want to spend most of this weekend playing with those Barbies by herself and maybe with Josiah. Over the summer I worked on cleaning out the garage and found her Barbie collection which she played with for days, even though they were pretty worse for wear and only had a couple outfits between them.


Katie-Abigail is still very dramatic. She's really quiet when she is upset. She can be overly loud when she is mad. She let's everyone know when she is having a good day (which I love) I'd call her my most-likely-to-be-an-actress. Emma and I agreed that while she says she is going to be a cop when she grows up, she is just as likely to play the role of a cop on a TV show when she is older. Or maybe be a professional commedian, or a rock star. She still loves listening to music videos on the computer, usually on Disney channel. Her favorites right now are Cody Simpson (especially "Pretty Brown Eyes") and Ariana Grande (She watches "Baby I" on repeat.) She enjoys reading graphic novels. "Lunch Lady" & "Babymouse" are two of her favorite series.

Katie-Abigail had a great birthday!! She loved her barbies and played with them everywhere. She woke up with the sunshine and rainbows attitude I love best about little girls on their birthday. She was happy just because it was her birthday and not because of anything we gave her or did for her. Daniel took her out the weekend before her birthday and they went roller skating.

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