Thursday, August 7, 2014

Grilled pimento cheese with sriracha

I don't usually post thoughts with recipes other than - this was yummy. You know? I keep recipe posts sperarate from  ramblings which are separate from photography but today I felt like mixing it up a little.

Today I have a recipe for an incredibly yummy sandwich but also a thought that hit me as I was making it.

Today as I was making my not too spicy sandwich I was thinking about what my mom would say to my older sister about mustard. Our normal day would find my mom doing schoolwork with us little girls, often at the sewing desk: I'd read and she'd sew, or we'd go over the math lessons and she'd iron, with my little sister close by. My mom would send my older sister to the kitchen to start on lunch and my mom would ask for a cheese sandwich with just a little mustard. She would say "just show the mustard to the bread" it meant a teeny tiny bit. Just enough so the sandwich wasn't bland but not enough so that it was spicy. My sister liked her sandwiches spicier and would usually use whatever was leftover on the knife from spreading mustard on her own sandwich to wipe onto my mom's bread.

I was thinking about this as I spread my sriracha on my bread, careful not to get too much, wiping the extra on another piece of bread. I was thinking - I do this all the time with my walk with God. I just "show the mustard to the bread" with God. I am satisfied with the second-hand, what was extra on the knife, from my pastor, my small group leader & best friend, books & blogs - it's just a tiny bit. Just enough to make me not bland, not enough to make me spicy. Like in the book of Revelation when it talks about being lukewarm. Yeah, like that.

I thought about this as I made my sandwich - just enough to not be bland. Just enough religion to make me feel comfortable but not so much that I stand out. Just enough Christian culture so that I fit in with my Christian friends but not so much that I run the risk of being misunderstood. 

Not so much that I run the risk of being misunderstood. That bears repeating. It hit me in the gut. I would hate to be misunderstood by my friends, especially my Christian friends. I would hate to be thought of as going too far, as being kind of weird. But I feel like that is exactly what we are all called to be as Christians. If we don't ever live in such a way that we run the risk of being misunderstood then we're walking the wide path. We're lukewarm and bland. That is me, right now. Easy to talk about, not easy to live.

Secondhand Christianity doesn't do me any good. My relationship with God needs to be first hand & life changing.

Mix shredded marble cheddar cheese or mild cheddar cheese (freshly grated is even better or use sharp cheddar if you prefer) with mayonnaise, pimento cheese spread & a few drops of sriracha sauce to taste. Spread on bread. Toast as for grilled cheese. Butter on an electric griddle or a griddle on the stovetop set to medium heat. Toast on both sides. Enjoy!

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