Thursday, August 7, 2014

First day of school

Well, four out of five of my kids have started school!!

Our first day was not as easy as I had hoped, and we struggled with our new bus times/drivers but we made it. (My littles do not get off if the bus until after 4:40! I am not a fan.) But they love their new teachers and their new classes. I love that the first week of school there is zero homework.

Beth started 7th grade!! Her second year of Middle School. She was happy that some of her friends from 6th grade are in her home room this year. She was still nervous about school starting, but it sounded like her day went off with as much grace as you could possibly expect from a seventh grader.

Emma started 6th grade. Wait, what? I have two kids in middle school?! How did that happen? Craziness. I am so happy that my girls have each other again. That they can sit together on the bus and point out each other's friends. That is one of the things I treasure about having kids close in age, especially my first two, they support each other so well. Even if they can't always see it. 

It was so much easier on all of us that this was our second time around with 6th grade. Emma said "Beth didn't tell me everything about 6th grade" and I said "No, but she showed you a lot about sixth grade throughout last year. You saw her have a positive experience and that is the best thing she could do to help you get ready for Middle School" she is still a but anxious. Still struggling with little things like lockers, and where her classes are but she has a few good friends from her previous two schools that both feed into this Middle School, and they are helping her. So I'm not worried.

Katie-Abigail is adorable this year. She is in 4th grade and I have high hopes for her that this is going to be a good year. We are working on her diet, and I'm hoping that this will improve her mood swings. She adores her teacher already (a ver good sign!) and is quickly making friends. So we'll see how it goes!

Josiah starts first grade and I'm pretty sure he has a little crush on his teacher. I was sick during open-house (with this awful 24 hr stomach flu) but I heard that she is young and pretty. Will that give him an insentive to behave extra-well or will this make him act out to get extra attention? We shall have to see.

My day with just one kid at home was so much easier. I had visions of quiet time that I never got, because Eli and I were in full-on one-on-one mode all day long. But we got out of the house and did some grocery shopping calmly and quietly - it was bliss. I could breathe deeply. And I feel a little bit badly that I enjoyed the day so much. Yes, I cried when my kids left for school but I loved the quieter, gentler day with just one kid at home. No bickering, no deciding who gets the iPad now, I actually sat down and ate lunch!
Not only did I eat lunch - I even took a picture of it!! Of course as soon as I'd finished lunch my bigs came home, and Eli was tired but unwilling to nap. So it was craziness for a couple of hours. But it was a good first day.

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