Tuesday, July 15, 2014

we survived

I meant to write about this last month on the anniversary of this happening - but I was overwhelmed with VBS, and not really blogging at the time. Yesterday Katie-Abigail and I were driving around and she was talking about this and I thought I'd go ahead and write about it now...

So - remember that time a tree fell on our house?

Yeah, so that was probably one of the scariest nights of our life. To be sitting on the couch watching TV one minute and the next to have a huge piece of ceiling come crashing down, yeah - for our kids especially - it was a really really scary night. Then to be 37 weeks pregnant and have to pack up our 100+ degree house. It was no fun.

Here we are, three years later. Looking back I see all of these good things that came out of that one night. We moved to the other side of town, into the nicest house we have ever lived in, where I started going to a family small group, where I met one of my best friends and pretty much all of my current close friends. My kids sometimes worry about this happening again. I tell them a variety of things. One is "it's highly unlikely that the same bad thing is going to happen to us twice" that goes against the law of averages, I think. Mostly I tell them "God provided for us that time that it happened, and if it happens again He will provide for us again." I also tell them "It was scary and it wasn't something that we wanted to happen to us, but everything turned out good. Really good. So don't be afraid."

For most of our married life Daniel has worked in the Pest Control industry, and this has caused me some low-level, always in the background anxiety. I've been afraid he'll fall off a ladder while he is doing a bat exclusion. I've worried he would get electrocuted inspecting a crawlspace. I've worried he would get in a wreck going from stop to stop. I have worried he'd have some dramatic reaction to pesticide exposure, but most of all, more than anything else I've worried he'd get bit by something poisonous.

Well, last summer that happened. He was bit by a brown recluse spider. My biggest fear. We waited and watched and I prayed and hoped, and everything turned out fine. My biggest fear - it happened, and everything turned out okay. We survived.

Some of the hard things that have happened I can already see how it has worked out for good. Some of the things that have happened I don't understand and I struggle to see any good in them, they just seem like huge ugly black holes in my heart - until I see how God has worked to heal and restore the broken places in my heart.

That's what I've been thinking about lately. There are things I tend to be anxious about - what if this happens, what if that happens. Well, for one thing - it probably won't. But you know what, if it does - God will carry me. God will provide for me. Even if that big scary thing happens, we'll be okay.

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