Sunday, July 20, 2014


Just in the nick of time, this book came in at the Library. I read some of it on the drive to the beach the other day and I poured the delicious words into my brain and let them soak. 

Anne Morrow Lindburgh says that the practice of simplicity begins with simplifying the outside - so I'm thinking about that right now, trying to focus on one thing at a time. I'm thinking about simplicity in my home, simplicity in my possessions. 

Simplicity doesn't necessarily mean scarcity nor is it intrinsically minimalistic, but simplicity does say "less is more". Simplicity, I think, doesn't mean saying no to everything but the bare essentials, I think it just means that it doesn't say "yes" to everything. 

I'm thinking of the little house in the movie Neverland. They said "no" to perfection and extreme tidiness and "yes" to beauty and creativity. 

I've always thought I wanted my home to be a little like that one.

Simplicity also isn't about perfection.

In an Instagram recently Ruth Simons of Gracelaced wrote "There's always a cost to keeping up an image of perfection... and while perfect may sell a house, it's nobody's real life... let's all just agree to love our messy, real, smudgy lives. I kinda appreciate it more than I usually would these days."

Every day we are saying "no" to one thing in order to say "yes" to something else. We don't always think about all of our nos and yeses, we don't always take into account what this "yes" will cost in a "no" later on or vice versa.

That is what simplicity is about - picking our nos and yeses so that our inside selves and our outside lives are in harmony. So that we are living our values and not just doing what is convenient.

So I'm thinking about this and cleaning out my garage, finally. I'm stacking up and clearing out. I'm sorting through my kids toys and clothes and paring down what clutters up our little house... trying to find some beauty and simplicity in my small space we call home.

I also read this blog post from Maggie Whitley that encouraged me to keep working on this!

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