Monday, July 14, 2014


On Friday night I texted Daniel "I think Josiah might be getting sick" he went to bed freakishly early, he was way more mellow that evening than my usual literally-climbing-the-walls kid. 

I sent Josiah back to bed at least three times over the course of the night. I hoped he'd sleep well and we could go on with our weekend as planned.

No such luck. Josiah was down for the count on Saturday. Lethargic, taking random naps on the floor in the living room. 

Sunday I woke up with pain in my joints and spent most of the day on the couch, and reading "Jane Eyre" for the first time. I've watched two different versions of the movie this month, and two different versions of Jane Austen's "Persuasion". I felt better by bedtime but because I'd spent most of the day resting I couldn't sleep.

Today Eli is feeling warm and acting sickly. I am feeling miserable from lack of sleep last night and am trying to read more of Jane Eyre. It's been very good, though it is rather long and rather slow going, and has a lot of words that I have not read in a very long time, but it's a first person narrative - my favorite. So I'm trying to finish it.

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