Thursday, May 1, 2014

Things I Learned: April

Things I have learned, April edition.

I have enjoyed doing these posts, especially as they give me a moment to look back, not just at a week or two but the whole month.

1: This song:
We sang this during the weeks leading up to Easter. Such a powerful worship song.
You can listen to a shorter version here

2) This app: Picfx

Got it for free via the Starbucks app! Love the filters, light leaks, textures and frames. 

3) I recently discovered that gift giving is one if my love languages... in that I love getting gifts! The little thoughtful thing that says I see you, I know you, I care. Those are the best. To me it truly is the thought that counts, the littlest thing with thoughtfulness is worth so much more than a big gift (though I have to say my husband has done a few big gifts and knocked it out of the park) To know someone was thinking of me and cared enough to spend money on me gets me right in the heart. Then turning around and loving on the people around me through gift giving is just fantastic. I have always thought that some of the love languages were more silly or selfish than others and I would be embarrassed to own up to wanting to be love and be loved by gifts - but that's not right. To know how you love and how you want to be loved is a powerful thing.

4) This month I rediscovered this truth about myself. I am a writer. I have set it aside, pushed it away, blogged it away, but blogging and writing aren't always the same thing. Sometimes they are, sometimes not. Every time I read Emily Freeman's blog the writer within me rises us. This month the writer within me has found her voice. She says "write" and my inner critic says "what do you have to write about that is worth the time and effort of writing it out?" My inner writer says "write!" And my inner critic says "what about?" And finally my inner writer screams "it doesn't matter!!!" and finally I realize what I've been missing all this time. It doesn't matter where I start. It's okay not to see the end as I take a first start. I'm not preparing a book preposal or anything like that. This is just practice. This is just about being fully me. It's okay to just write. It doesn't matter if what I write now is not something I ever want to publish - it is not unimportant.  It matters, because it is preparing me for my future, whatever that is. Whatever that might mean writing. It's okay if I twiddle away an hour at night with my writing notebook instead of Facebook or Instagram. It's important work. Even if it's only practicing.

A few weeks ago I picked up a few books at the Library. One of which was a collection if nonfiction essays by Ann Patchett called "this is the story of a happy marriage" and so far it's been a lot about writing. Here is my favorite quote so far:

 "If you want to write, practice writing. Practice it for hours a day, not to come up with a story you can publish, but because you long to learn how to write well, because there is something that you alone can say. Write the story and learn from it, put it away, write another story."

5) This month I got to see over and over again that God sees me. That He cares about what I care about. That He moves for my good, sometimes in surprising ways.

6) This month I started writing about my Momzilla moments. I have another one I've been working on and will post soon.  

7)My dad sent me this. It's short, just about a minute and a half and so very cool. 

And yet again, here I am posting YouTube videos and killing way too much time laughing hysterically at nonsense like this and this.

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  1. Wow, little Dino looks scary with that edit!
    Taking time to laugh is good...
    Love you bunches!


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