Thursday, May 15, 2014


Please pardon this post... My blog is slowly devolving into, I don't even know what, but I just had to write this down here. 

The last couple days I've been reading "Fangirl" which, on the one hand was kind of disappointing. It wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst thing I've attempted to read. Not by a long shot. Once the main character has a boyfriend everything seemed to just loose focus and the characters kind of fell apart to me but... 

It's about a chick who writes Fanfiction. 
This alone is epic. 

I've never tried to write Fanfiction, but since I read the Divergent trilogy it's definitely something I've thought about doing, for fun. 
This whole "letting myself write thing. It is insanely liberating. I don't write everyday but when I feel like writing, even just sketching out an outline for a story or a blog post. I do. Instead of just pushing it aside or shoving it down. And I try to at least read or write every day. I'm happier when I'm reading and writing.

I don't read every day, or even finish reading a book every week, but I'm reading again, reading stuff that I like. Just for fun. (Like what is that?)
For every book I read I start reading like five more. Starting a book and returning it to the Library without finishing it isn't a waste of time because it's just part of the process. When I think of it as a waste of time I don't read anything at all. And that's not an option anymore. 

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