Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I am that mom

I am that mom who stands at the end of my driveway in pajamas and a sweater with my coffee cup and wait for the bus with my kids. 

I am that mom who waves like a crazy person hoping that one of them will see me and wave back.

I am that mom who sometimes comes inside and cries because they are going to be gone all day. 

This year I felt like I made a big transition mentally. 

This year I felt like I graduated into a new group of moms - the moms with big kids. Even though I am also a mom with little kids - I spend my days with my two year old and we go to the grocery store and the Library and the park together and snuggle on the couch watching Little Bear on the iPad and then we take a nap. Most of my friends have little kids. But I also have big kids. I am a mom who can say "I've been there, and I survived." 

We are coming up on the end of what feel like an era - I was a mom with little kids, then I was a mom with school aged kids and this year my firstborn went to Middle School. Maybe to you it is like nothing, you've been there done that and more but for me - it was epic. I'm all like how did my baby get old enough to go to Middle School?!! (By the way, I'm so glad they don't call it "Junior High" here I don't think I could take it) She did brilliantly. Middle School was a HUGE change but it was also an opportunity for independence and she took it with both hands and made it work. I am so proud of her.   

This year I dealt with my kids struggling in school. This was a huge first for me. My girls have always behaved brilliantly at school. Their sign-in sheets (for bad behavior) are always blank and they always get extremely good grades in behavior. They listen, they participate, they get along. With my first boy - who is quite an active little guy - I knew that this would be different. And it was. It so was. It was hard. It was hard to see him make the same mistakes over and over. It was hard to see the notes come home from school. As much as I don't want to take it personally it is hard not to. It was hard to see my son struggle, it was hard not knowing what to do. But I also have watched him do even better acedmeicallly then I thought he would. He is now reading quite well, writing and doing math even better than some of his sisters did at this age. 

So yeah, this year has been a big one. It's been good for me, hard - but good.

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