Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 5

This post is brought to you with boys crying in stero just five minutes ago. Not really that unusual of a thing to deal with, it's just been hard because it feels like it Never Lets Up. There's nobody to snuggle up to. Nobody to listen to snore as we watch American Idol, or whatever.

But you know, then there is a moment when it's okay. We're okay. I get a sliver of perspective and take a deep breath.

Monday was the last day of spring break. We went to the Library & ate cookies at the cafe.

Tursday the house felt so quiet and lonely. Eli and I spent my favorite part of the day snuggling, listening to the rain. Missing everyone else.

The rest of the week went by really quickly. I have a huge stack of library books I'm trying to get through. 

I read "The Fault in our Stars" by John Green, I get that it might not be for everybody, but 
I ate it up. Can't wait for the movie! 

I read the last book in the Divergent series (such a tear-jerker!!) Now I'm looking for some non-movie related novel to request at the Library. Most of the other books I've read a chapter or two and then given up on. Like "State of Wonder" I know it's supposed to be so good but I couldn't get into it.

I also worked on writing some... right here with Eli in my bed snuggled under covers. I am all tangled up on myself at the moment, but giving myself permission to write whatever is good for me. Nothing brilliant (yet) thoroughly avarage & annoying, but just practicing. Plugging away. Seeing what comes out.

This weekend was both wonderful & tough. Daniel & I were both stressed out and exhausted, but also extremely grateful to be together. 

Eli has become totally obsessed with "washing dishes" just like Beth at this age.

So we have had some tough moments this week, when I felt like I was going to Loose My Mind. But we have also had some beautiful moments. Like this afternoon. Everyone sprawled out in the Living Room doing their own thing semi-together. I'm reading a book from the Library. Beth is reading a Sherlock Holmes story on the iPad, Emma is working on writing something for school. Eli is beside her, pencil and paper scribbling away at his two year old version of homework. Josiah alternates between writing & drawing with Emma and playing on the computer with Katie-Abigail. 

Okay, that's all for now. 


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