Sunday, April 13, 2014

Week 4 update

It's Sunday night and today has been a long boring day. 

Daniel is gone again and everyone is grumpy.

These posts are so therapeutic for me though. Thank you for reading this and thank you for your encouraging notes and Facebook messages.

This was our Monday and start to spring break...

It poured rain!! And it thundered almost all day. We stayed home all day and the kids drew pictures for their cousins and played together surprisingly well. It was the first day of a pretty low-key spring break, spent mostly at home, but so much better than I thought it would be!

We went to visit my sister in Atlanta this week. It was such a good visit, so worth the drive!! She has a bunch of chickens, which I attempted to photograph on my phone. 

We went to the Library twice this week - mostly because Beth has been reading at a rate of about a book a day. This book that she is reading is one that I picked out for her, it's a real life story of a boy from Honduras trying to find his mother who was in the U.S. At first Beth said she didn't want to read it, but I told her she should at least read the first three chapters, since she didn't have any other library books to read, and then make up her mind about if she would read it or not. She read the entire book in one day. She read another book today that she didn't think she'd like since it was a novel written in poems, after I said that she had to read one chapter, she finished it in one day as well.

So many books from the library!!

I requested a bunch of books too. One of my favorites in this stack is "This is the Story of a Happy Marriage" by Ann Patchett, which is a collection of nonfiction essays, mostly (so far) on the subject of writing. I've loved it. 

We made up our own version of Cutthroat Kitchen, like on Food Netweok. It's one of Emma's favorite shows and she & Beth figured out how to play it using Monopoly money and the power of description.
Josiah being silly with a piece of a broken cheap plastic watch. My Dad said it looks like he is turning into a Borg. (Now that is a throwback!!)

One night when I couldn't sleep.

This week has been easier in some ways. 
In some ways it was harder. 

I was with all five of my kids all day every day without any break all week long. I thought it might almost be too much to handle, but it wasn't. I loved having the kids home all day. 
They got along well, for the most part, they were great company, and we have enjoyed our week together pretty well.
I didn't feel like the weight of missing Daniel was about to crush me, like in the last few weeks. 
I loved not having strict bedtimes or our typical early-morning routine. 
I loved the company. 
I loved how quickly the days went by. 

This week I had time to lay down on my bed and read my book while the kids watched a movie from the Library. I stayed up late writing. I drank a lot of iced coffee. 

This weekend one of my dear friends came over and watched my kiddos so that Daniel and I could have a mini-date-night. We dropped by a friend's housewarming party, grabbed coffee at Starbucks and then bought some snickers ice cream bars (amazing) and a movie from red box. That was really nice. We were both exhausted from our stressful weeks but those few minutes away from the constant interruption of being with the kids was precious. Of course now I miss Daniel like crazy. 

Goals for next week:
Pay attention to what I eat. I'm noticing more and more the connection between my mood and my diet. When my diet is higher in carbs I'm more sleepy and irrationally grumpy. When I have a lot of coffee I'm jumpy and quicker to over-react. 
Yoga I didn't even try last week. This week I want to try for the 2-3 times a week goal. 
Spend time reading & writing because it makes me so happy. And if mama is happy, everyone is happy. 
Spend time with IRL friends this shouldn't be too difficult since I already have one playdate on the books!
Do some more cleaning because I noticed how much overall happier I was when I was cleaning a room and accomplishing something most days. This week I'd like to do a bit of purging in the kids rooms. Their rooms are clean(ish) but they are drowning in clutter. Also finding that time in my day to clean my kitchen and run the dishwasher makes everything else easier. This past week I didn't worry about it much during the week - but it's time to get back into healthy routines!! 
Keep focusing on gentle consistent disciplines because I am not going to turn into screaming Momzilla again. It's been tough but I feel like I'm continuing to make gradual progress in this area. It is going to be a tough week because my kids are going to be tired as they re-adjust to the school schedule, and are stressed because G-CRCT standardized testing is coming up and they always get keyed up for those. 

I feel like I've posted a link to this song before but here is is again "better than a hallelujah" (don't worry about the video - just minimize it and listen to the song) 

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