Saturday, March 8, 2014

Your life matters


My life matters.

We are, each of us: irreplaceable.


Our culture is crazy about getting attention for ourselves.
Gathering a crowd, 
surrounding ourselves 
with people who say: 
"You matter. You are important" 
But we do not truly embrace it.

Can't believe it.


It is already true.
Before it is spoken.
Before anyone clicked "like"
Already important.


I am not important simply because of what I do. 
Especially when I wast so many breaths on emptiness.
But who I am is important.
When so much seeming nothingness adds up to a magnificent something. 


A life. 
My life. 
An irreplaceable piece of the story

The images in this post are of Beth, my daughter!!  She was so sweet to let me take my time taking these pictures. 
As soon as we were done she cracked up giggling... 


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