Friday, March 28, 2014

What I've Learned: March Edition

1: I am not as strong as I think I am. Last month I said "I'm strong" but this month I have to say "I'm weak". I have missed my husband with every fiber if my being. When my kids aren't around to see I cry because I miss him so much. I don't text him throughout the day because I know he misses us too. But I'm discovering an entirely new facet of how much I love Daniel. I just can't believe we are only finishing up week 2 of a four month season. This is hard. But in my weakness God is showing himself strong.

2: This month I have learned that God does not want me to stay in the same place. He might not  necessarily call everyone to physically move but spiritually move? Yes. No matter how good "here" is or how happy I am with it. He calls me to move forward. To go deeper. And my happiness is not the main goal here. This stuff is painful and hard, y'all! It is heartbreakingly painful but this stuff forms my character so my heart's desire is that I would let this season have it's full effect. 

3: The BBC 2009 adaptation of "Emma" is epic.

4: This month I realized why I don't read much fiction anymore. And it has nothing to do with how much I love reading it - and everything to do with how that is all I want to do when I'm reading an interesting novel. I read Divergent this month and neglected all else, including my husband and children, in order to read it. I'm glad I didn't let my girls (ages 12 & 10 but very mature readers) read the book or watch the movie, but I enjoyed both. No I have Insurgence and I have promised myself not to start it till after the weekend.

5. I gave in and created a fan board on Pinterest for the hilarious BBC Sherlock/Benedict Cumbercatch memes.

6. I learned that I need to use extreme caution when clicking on links to YouTube because I got "lost" in there twice this week!! I laughed, I cried. I watched some Frozen spoofs, got lost in Jennifer Lawrence "best of" moments and Benedict Cumberbatch interviews and then I found this. It is epic:

AFTER you have watched the above, you have really got to watch the one below too:

and since we're somewhere in the vicinity of PTX why not throw this one out there too?
 If you start to get bored start this at 6:20 - that was my favorite part. If you're a fan of PTX then you'll love this. If you are like PTX wha? Then whatever. Don't even try. Yes. Obviously I've been watching too many Jennifer Lawrence interviews on YouTube and also laughing hysterically at The Neighbors ads.

Okay... as this month's "what I've learned" post is rapidly spiraling out of control... time to go finish my pre-weekend cleaning.


  1. I love PTX - thanks for sharing the videos. #2 is hard sometimes! Enjoyed reading and listening to your list. I too sometimes get lost in YouTube.

  2. I LOOOOOOOOVE that Wizard of OZ video, it is absolutely amazing!

  3. I enjoyed your writing. Very fun. Glad I found you through Emily's link-up.

  4. I can easily get loss in YouTube land too! Love me some Frozen!

  5. So glad you found me via Emily and now I've found you! Love your writing! Hang in there with your hubby gone--cannot imagine it, but sounds like you have the right perspective! AND--definitely try the grapefruit candle--might make for sunnier days?? :) Can't wait to look at the YouTubes!

  6. Found you via Emily! Totally agree with you on the '09 Emma! I've been wanting to watch it again myself!

  7. Found you via Emily! Totally agree with you on the '09 Emma. I've been wanting to see it again myself!


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