Monday, March 3, 2014

Sick Day

11pm give up on watching the Oscars and go to bed
2am Beth, Emma & Katie-Abigail are up, arguing about pillow tags making noises in the fan... Thankfully Daniel took care of this one and I didn't hear about it till the morning.
4am Emma comes in to wake me up and say that Katie-Abigial has thrown up in her bed.
4am - 5am clean up KA's bed 
Settle Emma onto the couch
Go to bed
Check on KA who is throwing up again
Console an overtired Emma who is crying inconsolably
Send Josiah back to bed
Go to bed
Get up to check on Katie because she's throwing up a third time
Give another hug to Emma
Send Josiah back to bed again
Go back to bed
6am Daniel and Beth get up
Get up to put Josiah back to bed, this time with the iPad, because he doesn't need to be up for another hour.
Beth says she feels too sick to go to school.
Send Beth back to bed.
Go back to bed.
7am Get up
Make breakfast for Emma & Josiah 
Pack lunches
Emma and Josiah leave for school.
8am call the doctor's office to make an appointment for Beth
9am wake up Beth and get everyone ready to go
Katie-Abigial is bouncing off the walls!! She isn't acting sick at all. 
10am arrive at the doctor's office
11am leave the doctor's office with a prescription for an ear infection.
The rest of the day was picking up prescriptions, making lunch etc.

I sat down with Katie-Abigail to work on some homework as soon as Eli laid down for his nap. We didn't have the science workbook I wanted to work on but we looked over some other things. We worked on homework until Josiah & Emma came home!

As I was thinking back over the day tonight I realized I made a big mistake during homework time with Katie-Abigial. I thought yay! Homework is finally going well! Let's get as much done as we can!! Instead of breaking up the time into smaller pieces and quitting while we were ahead. We did get some incomplete work caught up on. But I definitely had some head-in-hands moments.
The other night I heard a random Focus on the Family broadcast. The interview was with the author of the book "They Way They Learn" a book I read when Beth was about three or four. It changed how I reaponded to some of the little things that annoyed me about my kid's behavior. This time it was super helpful as I thought about the environment that will help Katie-Abigial the most and some of the things I'm doing that make it easier for me but harder for her. For instance, I think she does best when everyone is working on their homework at the same time. Because she typically needs so much help I've been waiting until Josiah and Emma have finished their homework before Katie-Abigial really starts on hers. 

So anyway. Daniel came home with meds for a sinus infection. I'm hoping that this is the last of the sickness for a bit. I'm ready to do be done with this mess!!

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