Thursday, March 6, 2014

One for a laugh

So I have been taking a lot of pictures with my DSLR this week. I have probably taken more photos in this last week than the entirety of the year so far. I'm not even bothering with editing anything right now. I'm just loading them to Flickr just as quickly as I can before they get lost in the deep dark recesses of my hard drive.
I have a lot that I want to share with you, and I had originally planned on sharing them in chronological order but this series was just too hilarious to wait!! The idea behind this shoot was that I wanted to play with sun flare and practice shooting around dusk since I have a photoshoot coming up that I've scheduled for around that time of day and I'd like to improve my use of sun flare. So while these are nowhere near the breathtaking quality of the Transformers movie (I'll watch it again just for those flare scenes!! Some of my favorite cinematography ever.) I'm happy with what I learned from this experiment plus I  got some hilarious moments with my Emma.
This was my first shot of the series... had to share it! Josiah made up his mind right away that he was not interested in being my guinea pig.

Katie-Abigail was willing, but impatient.

Emma was so sweet to let me experiment with using the light, but it quickly turned into a sillypaloosa.

This is one of my favorite images from this set!! Hopefully they are having a tickle-fight.

That's what I thought...


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