Monday, March 10, 2014

My kids today

Today I probably should have been working on finishing up yesterday's maternity session but I found myself picking up my camera twice today, to photograph the beautiful bradford pear blossoms on the tree out front and again to photograph a recipe for an upcoming blog post... procrastination maybe?

Of course my kids were nearby and I couldn't help but snap a couple of them too.

I don't even know where to begin to caption this! What can I say? My kids have a lot of personality.

Below are some shots from in the kitchen during/after dinner. The Hubs was out on a late appointment so I took pictures of the kids while we were eating - thus the messy faces!!
You can always count on Josiah for a beautiful smile :)
I love this one - it's a little bit like Mom, what are you doing? 
This is what I have to say about this one: if she is going to make crazy faces when I try to take her picture then crazy-faces are what is going to get published on the blog... I'm hoping that this also records a phase...

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