Thursday, March 6, 2014

More photos

I have lots and lots of photos to share, these are the ones I want to share today...
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The caption for these two: I've got my eyes on you

This morning it is raining and cold.
My littles missed the bus for the second time this week -
which makes this only the second or third time for this whole school year.
Tomorrow Daniel will be in Atlanta all day.
As I was driving home from the kid's school this morning this song came on the radio (it's embedded below) and I remembered hearing this song a few months ago and my emotional response was more like "I am so glad that I know where I am supposed to be. Right here." I would rejoice in how certain and clear everything about my "now" felt. I would pray that God would make me willing for the next step, whatever it would be.

Today I'm sobbing in my car.
All of the emotion that has been building up over the last few weeks - pouring out like the rain.

"I will trust in you
You've never failed before
I will trust in you" 

I wrote the other day about feeling strong. Lately I've been wrestling with the balance of embracing the strength and healing God has given me, knowing that I've got this but also acknowledging my weakness and that is God's strength in me. There are moments when I need to tell myself that I am strong. That I'm going to be just fine. That I can do this. But then there are other moments when I feel like I'm just keeping my head above water, trading water, gasping for breath. In those moments there is so much grace in just being still, to be done fighting and striving and in that moment to realize I am held. I'm not going to sink. God is with me. He holds me and I can trust Him. Like this song says:

I'm giving you fear and you give faith 
I'm giving you doubt you give me grace. 
For every step I've never been alone. 
Even when it hurts you'll have your way 
Even in the valley I will say, 
with every breath, 
you've never let me go. 

I will wait for you. 
You've never failed before 
I will wait for you.  

So I'm not going to quote any more of the song... I love pretty much every line. 
You can listen to it yourself:

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